About us

Kamedis is a global research-based Bio Technology company, developing botanical skin care products, clinically-tested, in order to enhance skin’s health.

Kamedis was established in 1998 as an R&D-oriented company by a group of Traditional Chinese Medicine scientists and therapists, specializing in dermatology with a vision to leverage efficacy of herbal formulations for pharmaceutical standards and requirements.

Kamedis collaborates with a team of dermatologists and researchers, who are experts in botanical activities. These professionals are a part of the scientific team for all of the company’s products and activities.

Bridging Science & Nature

Kamedis combines the latest pharmacological research with innovative technology and botanical herbs in plant-based treatments that offer clinically-proven results.
The herbal extracts in Kamedis products are of the highest quality, produced under ISO standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 13485) by macroporous resin chromatography that purifies and enriches the active ingredients. The R&D team collaborates with international experts in pharmacological and botanical chemistry to ensure the optimal synergy of natural herbs.

Optimal formulations

The herbs used in Kamedis products are specially grown under meticulous conditions and stringent quality control procedures. Each product formulation contains a targeted range of herbal extracts, selected to prevent side effects and promote healing for a particular skin condition.
Based on nature, proven by science

Kamedis products are clinically tested and proven effective in the treatment, relief and prevention of skin conditions, both during flare ups and periods of remission.
Gentle, effective, safe 

Kamedis products contain natural herbal ingredients that are suitable for adults, children and infants aged 6 months and over.

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